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DWS 009J new and used- some 028's used

Description: It's impossible to show you the incredible quality you get from this 3D printer with only a two-dimensional image; but, if you held a model from this machine in your hands, you'd know in that instant why your jewelry business needs no less than a DigitalWax® rapid prototype machine. Feel the smoothness of the surface. Feel the precise curves, lines and angles faithfully reproduced from your design. See the quality of the surface, see how neat and clean the through-holes are--not only on the front surface, but also around the sides where it's so easy to find slop-over left by lesser machines. A cut-rate 3D printer cannot come close to this precision machine for speed, precision, or return on investment. When every dollar counts, when professional results count, count on nothing less than DWS. Do it all with the 009J rapid prototyping machine. Not only can you build models of your unique designs for customers to see, touch and hold in their hands, you can also create master models for your jewelry line--and you can do both jobs at the same time! The DigitalWax® 009J is fast enough to make both processes cost effective, a perfect fit for your jewelry design and production business. Its 2-3/8" x 1-7/8" build platform can support multiple models--whether they're the same design or several different designs--and build them in a single build cycle. In fact, depending on their size, you can build up to 50 patterns per day (every 24 hours)! Using a special, high-performance Texas Instruments® DLP® light projection system, the 009J rapid prototyping machine builds three-dimensional models from a proprietary photo-curable resin. Because the models are built literally layer-by-layer, there is no limit to the geometric complexity of the design you want to model: undercuts, cavities, extremely fine structuring and complex shapes are easily within reach. Resins are sold separately; this machine comes with:

Publish Date: 02-11-18

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