Welcome to 3D Printer Boom - the dedicated used 3D printer marketplace! Buy and sell your used 3D printer by creating a free classified ads listing. Used 3D printers for sale. Ebay/gumtree alternative. Browse second hand 3D printers below of by using the search feature above. Contact the seller directly through our messaging system. Check our our FAQ section for more info!
  1. How do you Buy on 3D Printer Boom?

    We aim to match the buyer with a seller and make this as easy as possible.Find a 3D printer listing that you want to buy.Contact the seller through our internal messaging service.Agree a price, collection or delivery methods.Get 3D Printing!We recommend that buyers:Check the condition of the 3D Printer before purchasing - ask questions, ask to see the printer in personUse Common Sense when it… Read more.

  2. Does 3D Printer Boom facilitate payment?

    No. 3D Printer Boom simply aims to connect the buyer and seller. We do not facilitate payment between parties. Read more.

  3. Selling/Buying safely online

    We want this website to be a marketplace connecting buyers and sellers of used 3D Printers. We also want it to be a safe place. There is plenty of information about buying and selling safely online, we've included some good links below, but here are some basic rules to follow:1. Meet face to face if you're buying a 3D Printer2. Never send payment for something you haven't seen 3. Don't… Read more.

  4. Is it Free to use this website?

    Yes! We don't charge any fees. No listing fees, no buyer fees, no seller fees, and don't take any cut of the sale price. Read more.

  5. Terms and Conditions/Privacy Policy

    Terms and Conditions and our Privacy Policy can be found at the footer of the website. Read more.

  6. How do you Sell on 3D Printer Boom?

    We are pleased to provide an easy to use marketplace.1. Register on our site2. List your 3D printer, along with a descirption and photos. Make sure to include all relevant information such as Price, condition, any marks or faults, and delivery/collection options.3. Publish you advert for free!4. Check out the stats on how many views your advert has had and sit back and wait for a buyer to contact… Read more.

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